To maintain a competitive edge in Africa's rapidly expanding telecommunications market, operators must look for new ways to minimise network deployment and management costs. BELLWESTERN has evolved cutting-edge infrastructure leasing solutions designed to do just that. We deploy active, passive and backhaul infrastructure for lease to telcos which enables them to focus on their core business; building their brand.


Passive Infrastructure Leasing

We offer comprehensive solutions for acquisition of shared or dedicated passive telecom infrastructure, allowing operators to separate their real estate assets from their core business operations, thereby enabling realization of a greater value per unit asset and provide operators with greater financial flexibility. Site leasing includes antennas and mast, Base transceiver station (BTS), Node B, common equipment such as Antenna system, masts, cables, ducts, filters, power source and shelter.



Active Infrastructure Leasing

BELLWESTERN offers fully fledged dedicated network leasing services which includes, all elements of an operator's active network such as spectrum, BTS equipment such as TRXs, RNC, MSC, Routers and switches.


BELLWESTERN works closely with the client to design, deploy and manage the required Network Infrastructure on the client's behalf greatly reducing costs while at the same time helping the client to improve profitability and service delivery.



BELLWESTERN's backhaul solutions offer operators leased connectivity between wireless base stations and the corresponding base station controllers.We offer a wide range of options taking into account various parameters such as capacity required, cost, reach, and the need for frequency spectrum, optical fiber, wiring, and availability of wayleaves.

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